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How many franchises can I expect to sell in a year?

We do not offer earnings claims because we do not control the broker’s independent business. We also do not collect each broker’s financial statements. However, we can give you some public industry information about the business. We will support you in any goal you set and do everything in our power to help you achieve it.  To view public earnings information click here.

Can I talk to other brokers?

Absolutely! We will provide you a list of the 10 brokers located closest to you as well some specific types of brokers that you request. We would love for you to hear from the team and start to build a relationship with the brokers currently in the system.

How long does a franchise sales process take?

A franchise can be sold in as little as 14 days.  However the average sales cycle is two months.

How are your leads?

We do not provide leads directly. We use a vendor to provide top quality leads to our brokers. The vendor purchases leads from a lead portal that has the highest closing ratio on the market. This is based on a report of a national CRM system. For more information on this, click here.

What are your goals for the company?

Our goals for the company are to have brokers closing deals, lots of deals. That is our primary focus. That’s what we care about. The rest comes naturally as a result of the success of our brokers.  We are consumed with a mission of making success easy and meaningful for our brokers.

Where do I sign?

Now hold on a second; not so fast! We do require an approval process before you can become a member. You must have 10 years management or sales experience, no criminal record, a strong business acumen and a positive attitude. We are looking for winners. We want to align with brokers who have the same ethics and values that we have. We are looking for that person everyone is always impressed with. We believe the quality of the people on your team is a direct correlation to your success, so we focus on the best. If you are a winner, please apply.