How good is FTI’s Training & Support?

100% of the time our trainees rave about our training program.

Here are the broker’s words used to describe our training from the July 2012 class.

“This is better than any training I have ever received.”
“You are a human encyclopedia on franchising.”
“You have everything in place.”
“I can see how much easier it is going to be now that I have gone through this.”
“You guys have put together a great program.”
“This is well thought through. I’m very impressed.”

Our company was founded on the premise of creating long term success for franchise brokers.

We focus on the perspective of the broker and what they need to be successful.  In fact this is one of the main reasons we have grown so quickly and built such a great reputation in the industry.  We ask a lot of questions of our brokers and then we listen to what they have to say.

If a broker offers a suggestion, we work to create  and  implement it for them.  We then share it with the rest of the group.  Because we have been so responsive to  brokers’ requests, it has created a HUGE value proposition for the brokers.

The support from the team is immediate.  We have controls in place to ensure that if you have a question, it is addressed quickly.  This is incredibly important, because you are working with buyers in real time and time kills deals.  You have to have the information you need consistently, reliably and QUICKLY.  That’s why we have built a huge web of franchising professionals, have an educated and qualified staff and a board of advisors to ensure there is always an expert available to get you the right answer immediately.

It takes incredible effort, commitment and persistence to continually PUSH advancement. However, it’s that commitment that defines us.

Recognized as the Industry Leader in Training & InnovationFree markets mean that services, processes, lead generation sources, etc., are always changing.  The challenge is to adapt and change along with these changes.  Then the question becomes, “are we, as franchise brokers, evolving faster, the same or slower than the rest?”  As one of our brokers, you are evolving faster, much faster, because we are evolving much faster than the rest of the industry.

We know we are successful because the competition is consistently trying to copy us in everything we do. It is said that mimicking is the best form of flattery.  Some would be frustrated by this, but we see it as achieving our ultimate goal of setting high standards and raising the bar in the franchise broker industry.

We see this as success and being out front as a leader!

FTI is an affiliate company of the Franchise Brokers Association.

See FBA/FTI Relationship for more details.

This is what our Brokers say about our support.

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Rich Greer “First of all, I am just blown away with all the outreach.  I never expected such help.  You guys are all fantastic!”

~ Rich Greer


“Sabrina is one of the most accomplished industry professionals I know. With a combined purpose, focus, passion, dedication, and determination to her cause, her efforts are consistently second to none. Not to mention, a most sincere and genuine desire to always help others FIRST along the way. Like all strong leaders, Sabrina has surrounded herself with the best minds in the franchise industry to help support her vision. She listens carefully to their input and then ultimately makes an informed and purposeful decision for the good of her organization, and the industry at large. Sabrina and the FBA have clearly raised the bar and continue to bring a sophisticated level of credibility to all those aligned within the franchise industry as their profession. I am proud to be a member of the FBA and privileged to call Sabrina Wall a colleague and a friend.”

-Andy Lamedman

“I have worked with Sabrina Wall for almost a year. I had the opportunity to work with other Franchise consultant associations but chose Sabrina and her company, Franchise Brokers Association because of her knowledge of the industry, her high integrity and the high level of support and training she provides. Sabrina has provided me with the tools and constant support that is needed to become successful in this industry. I look forward to our continued business affiliation with Sabrina and the Franchise Brokers Association.”

-Roger Studebaker

“After interviewing with several franchise consultant groups I decided to join the franchise brokers Association and I have been a member for almost 2 years. Since each consultant group claimed to provide excellent training, outstanding customer service, personal mentoring and assistance after the training, I wanted to make certain the one that I got involved with would deliver what they promised. I believe that the founder of any company or organization establishes the foundation on which that entity is built. Sabrina’s vision for the FBA and all of the people it impacts and her dedication to the betterment of the franchise consultant profession through training, mentoring and providing tools that enhance a consultant’s effectiveness in helping people better themselves is unmatched. Sabrina and the FBA have exceeded every expectation that I’ve had and continue to do so. We all make decisions, some are good and some are not. I made a GREAT decision when I aligned myself with Sabrina Wall and the Franchise Brokers Association.”

-Dave Sullivan

“Sabrina Wall runs the Franchise Brokers & Consultants Association, which I joined after extensive research and interviews of all the franchise networks. I started by traveling to Orlando for the 3-day FBA training, and quite frankly had rather low expectations of what I might learn after 28 years in the corporate sales & marketing world. I was pleasantly shocked! Sabrina professionally led very comprehensive training and was extremely buttoned up and organized. Dozens of classroom modules supported with comprehensive materials to hit the ground running post training. I highly recommend Sabrina and the FBA over other ‘heavily advertised’ networks.”

-Tom Nilsen

“Sabrina Wall has developed an extraordinary Organization; Franchise Brokers Association. I have been involved in the Franchising World for the last 11 years and have not met anyone more committed to growing an Organization than Sabrina. She has mentored a strong team whose goal is to help Franchise Consultants, by providing top notch training and support. She consistently looks to add new Franchise Companies so the Consultants have more potential opportunities to show their prospects. Sabrina is accessible and always interested in improving her own skills. Would highly recommend the Organization to Franchises looking to promote their Company or anyone considering being a Consultant. Cliff Fostoff – Franchise Consultants International

-Cliff Fostoff