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The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Franchise Broker

Why become a broker? Here Are The Top 5 Reasons…

The majority of franchise brokers started out looking for a franchise to buy, not to become a franchise broker.  Often, they didn’t know the franchise brokering industry even existed, but when they discovered it, they found it was the best opportunity of all.  It’s a business that not only gives them opportunity now, but it builds a massive web of future opportunity through franchising.  Here are the top 5 reasons why Franchise Brokering is the next big business.


This is a professional business where you are working with buyers through an intellectual sale.  The buyer is typically sophisticated, making your job more fun.  They are rational and sensible.  It’s a delight to work with people at this level because there is a high level of respect throughout the communication process.   This is a very prestigious business and will likely earn you some new friends.


Considering a career as a franchise broker

This is a business with tremendous lifestyle advantages.  You can work the business from home, from your vacation home, your car, traveling, or anywhere in the world so long as you have access to an internet connection and a telephone.  It is an appointment based business which allows the broker business owner to schedule the appointments around their life instead of their life around their appointments.


Freedom to make your own rules and control your own income are some of the primary reason brokers get into this business.  Often, they have made a lot of money for other people throughout their life as an employee and feel its time to start making money for themselves.  They are self motivated achievers and deserve to reap the rewards of their abilities.


Since most people who are in the market for a franchise or to become a business owner do not know what a franchise broker is, that is proof that this industry has very little competition.  If you have ever been to a networking event, you know you are in a room filled with real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage brokers and financial advisers  When you tell them you are a franchise broker, everyone turns to listen.  Franchising is exciting and people want to know more especially when they don’t know anyone else to ask.


Need we say more?

*This is according to a survey of Franchisors at the Franchise Update national convention.  One hundred and twenty six franchises participated in the survey.  The report is available to the public.