Franchise Brokering Is The Next Giant Industry

With approximately 39 million people unemployed and many manager level executives who can’t find the same level of income they are accustomed to, people need answers! These unemployed professionals are searching for solutions to guide them to their next path and career. They often have been beaten down by corporate America and don’t want to get back into the rat race. They want to reap the rewards for their own effort and their dedication and commitment to the work they do.

They want freedom and control over their life, their schedule and THEIR MONEY!

Now is the perfect time to become a franchise broker

There are 27.7 million businesses in the US. This tells us that the entrepreneurial spirit of our nation’s people is ALIVE and well.

Franchising contributes $439 billion towards the GDP, which is a considerable impact on the national economy. According to Scott Shane, a franchise scholar, after 4 years in business an entrepreneur’s success rate with an independent business is 38%, but their success rate with a franchise business is 63%. Statistically, a franchise owner has almost double the opportunity of succeeding in a franchise compared to a non franchised business. It makes perfect sense because all they have to do is follow a system and a process that has already been tested and proven.

Franchise Brokers help entrepreneurs find quality franchises which lead to their success. That’s why so many brokers love what they do. Being a Franchise Broker is a truly rewarding career. The professionals who are attracted to this industry are people who like a lot of variety, want to do something they can feel proud of and have already experienced significant success in business. It allows them to share those success experiences with prospective franchise owners.

Join with the Franchise Training Institute (FTI) if:

  • You want an easy back office administration system so you don’t have to spend much of your time performing administrative tasks.
  • You want to regularly work and collaborate with other successful brokers.
  • You want access to a plethora of professional tools that will COMPLETELY impress the candidates you work with.
  • You believe in constant and ongoing professional development.
  • You want to align yourself with a group that has a reputation for raising the bar and being technologically advanced.
  • You want to represent successful franchises and be able to show your franchise candidates why they are the most successful.

Franchise Brokers are changing the way people buy franchises. They are helping buyers become more educated, giving them better options and research tools and helping people to get into franchises that match their ultimate goals. They are weaving success and opportunity through the lives of entrepreneurs, creating a catalyst for achievement. If the Franchise Broker is trained by the Franchise Training Institute and a member of the Franchise Brokers Association, they become a vital part of an entrepreneur’s team.

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