Why Franchise Training Institute (FTI)?

Why Franchise Training Institute?

Top 5 Reasons

FLS system

Would you be a real estate agent without the MLS system?  Probably not, and if you were able to, you would have a very difficult job indeed.   So why would you be a franchise broker without the FLS system?  The FLS system eliminates a tremendous amount of administrative and back end work on the part of the broker.

We are of the belief that if we can manage the complex franchises inventory data, then each broker doesn’t have to create, manage and update their own franchise inventory database.  For each broker to do that is a waste of everyone’s time and the brokers who are part of our group are smart enough and successful enough to understand that their time is valuable.

Best Education

There was a study conducted by Steven Michael that was published in Franchise Times.  It showed a sampling of 90 franchised locations and studied the factors at each location that either contributed to its failure or success.  Michael stated the conclusion here.

“The big surprise to me was, I found that the length of the training program was significantly tied to the chance of failure,” he explains. “Those franchises with the shortest franchisee training programs were more likely to fail. Those with longer programs were more likely to succeed.”

The article goes on to read, “it is big news because until relatively recently, training was viewed as the Rodney Dangerfield of the corporate boardroom — it got no respect. Sure, training was viewed as important, just not vital to bottom-line profits. This study proves otherwise. It highlights the value of training as it relates directly to a company’s bottom line.”

This is the philosophy of our company.  We are a resource and franchise education-rich platform.  We offer over 1,000 hours of franchise training.  We give specialized franchise training programs to help broker create niches.  We do extensive ongoing research and development.  We continually create, test and build new tools, trainings and certification to help the BROKER SUCCEED.

We are serious about this.

We are a real company with strong values and we are OBSESSED with our brokers success.

Best franchises

Our marketing efforts are targeted to franchises that have a  below average failure rate. We make Franchisors who come into our system supply their FDD so that we can provide it to our brokers.  We have their financials reviewed by an accountant.  And we listen to our brokers.  We make sure the franchisors are behaving according to the code of ethics and if that is disputed, we get in the middle of the dispute until it is resolved.  We investigate, educate and mediate.  We expect top quality, professional and ethical behavior from anyone we associate with and therefore we do not accept anything less.

Most elite group of brokers

Brian Tracy a famous author, speaker and sales trainer said this, “No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.”

You must learn from the best people in the industry.  You must have a reason for them to mentor you and offer some value and benefit to the mentor.   You must ensure that the value to them remains so that you are a priority and you can call on them anytime you need them.

Our group is made up of highly professional industry experts.  We have an organized mentor group who we reward continuously so they will continue to be available to you within a moment’s notice and make you a priority.  The most successful people in this business are BUSY.  You must remember that.  The burden of getting them to call you back immediately is not only dependent on you; it’s dependent on us and you better believe we will make that happen.  We will get answers for you and we will get them to you quickly. Our brokers are incredibly important to us and we prove that with our attention to them.

Best tools to give to buyer- strong competitive edge

We want you to be the kind of broker that a buyer raves about, the broker that impresses the buyer so much so that they are feeding you consistent referrals.  We want to give them such a great experience of education, partnership and friendship that they are singing our praises during and after our work with you.  And the beautiful thing is that we have found a way to make this easy to do.

We have the most sophisticated powerful franchise educational and due diligence tools that buyers are literally in awe of your knowledge and resources.  We don’t do anything small.  We are the best and the buyer will know it.  We give them BIG benefits and BIG value so they will give you BIG REFERRALS.

All ongoing services listed on this page are provided by our affiliate the Franchise Brokers Association.  Please see FBA/ FTI relationship for more details.